System Training

My company is currently in the process of introducing a new claims system and I am involved in designing the new training for the roll out.

Some of the training will be outsourced for CBT to create a library of modules that the delegates can access nearer the time of the go live date.

I'm currently designing demonstrations of the system and training/presentations about this.  I'm on limited resources (PPT 03 - no flash or audio) and I wondered if anyone else had to do anything similar and how did you raise awareness whilst still getting the delegates engaged.

Any ideas - I'd be grateful!


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  • Hi Damien,

    How many people is this for? Is there no audio etc because your internal systems cannot cope?

    I currently use Camtasia, which has all the features you currently don't have access to. It is very cheap, and can do a great deal for the money. I'd recommend it.

    Have you tried communicating with your marketing dept to maybe create some posters or other publicity material?

  • Hi Damian

    Thanks for posting this. We're considering virtual tours built in captivate for systems training at the moment, you may want to consider look at that and outsource?

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