• Another Useful Tip

    Egg carton foam packaging material is inexpensive and easy to acquire.
    Place your microphone in box [12" X 12"] lined with foam material. This little technique has been used by reporters around the world; recording final audio tracks from w/in the walls of their hotel room.

    If audio is being used for web or eLearning save to MP3/4 format (reducing file size). WMV files work too, but MP3/4 formats are the preferred method.
    • Hi Karen,

      9 months since this was added, would you say you are now recording like a pro?

      Are there any other blogs or tips you've found around pod casting or any other handy hints and tips on other blogs you use that you could share?

      Many thanks
    • Hi Karen/Mike,

      Our audio expert Tracey Field has just written a blog post on this exact subject, which provides 6 practical tips to help you create professional recordings on a shoestring.

      6 tips to make your DIY audio sound professional

  • Cheers for this Karen, the blog has some really good hints and tips for designing content.

    You can subscribe to the feed for future updates - am very proud of myself for creating my i-google account recently and this is one of the first rss feeds I've added
  • This is really good isn't it?!

    The foambrero looks like the must-have fashion accessory of the season, to me...
    • Yes, I must admit, I thought they were joking at first ;-)
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