Hi everyone,Our organisation puts on a lot of conferences and events, primarily for finance staff in the NHS - traditionally this has been the bread and butter of the business. Three years ago we also launched a suite of e-learning modules which has gone down extremely well.With the recession about to bite into NHS budgets we are finding conference numbers starting to dip (in previous recessions, our events have pretty much stopped altogether as a result).I am looking into the feasibility of hosing many of our events in the form of Webinars, which will reduce cost and travel time to delegates and offer them an interactive experience with its obvious secondary benefits. I am hoping that potential delegates will be drawn to these online events, thus allowing us to sidestep the effects of the recession and bring in revenue from these events. That’s the plan anyway...Does anyone have experience in moving from traditional events to webinars? Are there any hidden pitfalls? How easy is it to draw numbers into these online events? Do delegates feel that they are getting value for money? These are some of the questions that I am mulling over... If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.Many thanks,Guy.

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  • Hi Guy,

    Hope your well? I'm at a loss at where the other replies disappeared to on this discussion.

    How are things going with what you were proposing? Have you gone down the Webinar route? Any udates you could share with the group?

    • Hi Mike,

      Good to hear from you, all is well here thanks. Yes - very strange about the other replies...
      We are starting to film smaller events and put them up online using BrightTalk, so far we are starting small and working up. Still not convinced as to which webinar software we will be using for the more traditional webinars though. I like the functionality of WebEx, but not everyone here is convinced...

      Speak soon
    • Hi Guy

      My organisation is also looking at a move to webinars as offerings for our client base. Have you checked out Citrix Gotomeeting and GotoWebinar? Not everyone here was convinced by WebEx either but liked the interface with the Citrix offering.
    • Good that things have started moving in this direction. There's an interesting discussion going on here relating to this

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