What's been happening?

Hi everyone

There hasn't been a great deal of activity in this group recently.

I've changed roles and left RBS now to head up community development, online learning and social media management at DPG plc.

It's been a massive change moving from a very corporate environment and working for a much smaller and more open organisation.

I've been creating and developing an online learning / social commuity that supports CIPD / ILM qualifications and I love the community nurturer role.

I love being able to use my own devices to support my work so I have a S3 and Transformer tab and love how I can use apps to help me more productive. I can literally do 90% of my role on my mobile so it offers a lot of flexible in terms of working hours which is great.

I'm getting involved in live online learning again and I've had access to a virtual training environment in second life.

I also manage the content for the DPG website and I'm getting my head in to SEO, google analytics and social media management and measuring social metrics.

I'm sure there has been loads going on with you since joining the group and what a better way to get some conversations moving again with a simple questions

What's been happening?


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