• In a past life, I had to develop an IT learning strategy for the whole organisation which came about due to the frustrations of the IT department at the ineptitude of the users. I don't suppose this experience would be of much help (I don't have the actual document any more)?

    One insight that might prove helpful was that I found early on that various players had widely divergent views as to the purpose and anticipated content of the document, not to mention how the strategy would be implemented. So I would start with getting that cleared up. Definition of terms, scope and purpose, description of the intended audience and the goals of the strategy.

    Hope I'm not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs ;p)
    • Thanks Karyn - you're absolutely right. I've already come up against different ideas on what the document should contain and it's already started moving into the territory of an operating model rather than strategy document. It's difficult not to get into too much detail at this stage.
    • Hi Sue,

      Just wondering how your learning strategy developed. Anything you could update the group on and share?

  • There is also this other post

    It may give us some pointers
  • Hi Sue,

    I'm am also putting together a strategy for technology based learning (social, e-learning, mobile) - perhaps we could share what we come up with and see if there's any cross over.

    I'd also be grateful to see any strategy examples as this is a new field for us and I guess it is bringing in something completely new rather than building on something already in place

    • I'm in the very early stages of writing the strategy, but more than happy to share the outcome once in a fit state ;) I'm hoping that this forum will have lots of ideas and thoughts on the topic to help me. Thanks also for the link to the e-learning strategy post - I did take a look at it earlier today and it's got some good pointers, but I'm also keen to ensure that I don't focus too much on just e-learning, but more on the wider learner offering ie. classroom and informal learning in whatever form that may take. Let's keep in touch on this one :)
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