What is the value that social computing brings to workplace learning? This question is at the heart of my dissertation project, and thankfully the data gathered over the past three weeks is providing some clear answers. The essence of Learning 2.0's value to learners seems to be speed, and economy, reflected in the comments I have received and the results of the questionnaire:

94% of learners rate getting access to 'Learning exactly when I need it' as being of medium (22%) or highest importance (71%), with only 6% rating this attribute of little (4.5%) or no importance (1.5%).

84% of learners also identify 'Quicker access to answers' as being an important benefit they receive from social computing, and 59% identify it as a benefit that their clients receive.

Reduced costs seems to be a benefit to employers (86.5%), and to learners who identify one of the benefits they receive as being 'No cost for access to learning' as being of medium (32.5%) or high importance (52.5%).


My research in to the effectiveness of social computing for workplace learning (a.k.a. Learning 2.0 in the Enterprise) continues until 20th July. I will continue to share highlights of the research here on TrainingZone, and the full report will be available to all who participate (and leave an email address).

If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a £50 (UKP) Amazon or iTunes voucher, I would appreciate your help in completing this 10 minute questionnaire www.surveymonkey.com/s/3HD7JQW

Every participant who leaves an email address will receive a 'thank you' in the form of a $10 (USD) store credit to spend with National Geographic's partner www.novica.com - a great way to support artisans in developing nations.

Participation is anonymous (unless you wish to leave your email address), and all my findings, conclusions and recommendations will be published in October, and sent to those who wish to receive a copy. 

I will also be presenting the findings at various online and face-to-face events in Q4 2012.

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