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Social Learning Centre

The Social Learning Centre (set up by Jane Hart) provides a community space for learning professionals (in both education and the workplace) to learn from their peers as well as leading industry practitioners and thought leaders from around the world in a number of different (social) ways. Here are some of the main activities that we are coordinating.

  • a series of FREE monthly webinars
  • A growing series of  free and low cost online workshops
  • Regular live chats on topics of interest for SLC members.

Visit the Social Learning Centre at

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  • Hello,

    The last few years have seen a significant increase in the use of social learning for employee training. In this article, I share the benefits of social learning and show you how you can use microlearning videos as an effective social learning tool.

    Creating Powerful Employee Training With Social Learning - Featuring Microlearning Videos - EI Desi…
    This article offers the benefits of Social Learning for employee training as well as using Microlearning Videos as a useful social learning tool.
  • Hi All, this new app was developed in corporation with Facebook. The App helps you  learn key principles and best practice for using each of Facebook's marketing features - This website is for sale! - ning Resources and Information.
    This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what yo…
  • Hello Jane and colleagues -

    Just had an interview at University of Brighton for an eLearning post.
    Here is what my presentation was about:
    eLearning opportunities and challenges at:

    I discussed the migration from web 1.0 - to - web 2.0

    Feedback gladly accepted by you or the LSG.
    Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel
  • If you are interested in Twitter, you might be interested in my How to use Twitter for Social Learning,
  • The next episode of Talking HR (podcast) will focus on Social Learning:

    It's on 28 September, and a recording will be available after the show.
  • There is an issue of separating personal social networking and work-related social networking which is well understood by most and newbies to social networking of all descriptions tend to learn by default the social 'faux pas' that can happen, all the more reason to look at a more intgrated approach with seperate plateforms. i was very interested in hearing about Elgg at yesterday's conference as one such that I could set up independantly from my other 'life'.
  • I work as a contractor to the defense agencies and support the development and funding of advanced distributed learning (ADL) science and technology (S&T) projects. In this vein, as a small UK company, I have developed an ADL S&T Roadmap of the research projects developed and future projects. I can be contacted at or
  • I think it means that the corporate curmudgeons need to recognize that control is an illusion. What on earth do these executives expect to do when they don't like the way an employee represents herself online? Who's got time to mess with stuff like that?
  • I was very interested by the Deloitte’s 2009 Ethics & Workplace Survey just released.

    This says, 60 percent of business executives believe they have a right to know how employees portray themselves and their organizations in online social networks. However, employees disagree, as more than half (53 percent) say their social networking pages are not an employer’s concern. This fact is especially true among younger workers, with 63 percent of 18–34 year old respondents stating employers have no business monitoring their online activity.

    What impact does this have on using the social network as a learning tool I wonder?
  • Almost all the learning I have undertaken over the past two to three years has been conducted via social media... especially if, like me, you consider tools like Elluminate to be social media. Even if you don't, the Elluminate conferences i have attended have been backed up by wikis, Moodle discussion forums or Ning communities. We no longer just engage with the presenter at the 'front' - we now engage with the rest of the attendees, too. And we have awoken (at long last) to the fact that the combined knowledge and experience of the attending group far outweighs that of the presenter.
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Speed and economy are the essence of Learning 2.0 in the Enterprise

What is the value that social computing brings to workplace learning? This question is at the heart of my dissertation project, and thankfully the data gathered over the past three weeks is providing some clear answers. The essence of Learning 2.0's value to learners seems to be speed, and economy, reflected in the comments I have received and the results of the questionnaire:94% of learners rate getting access to 'Learning exactly when I need it' as being of medium (22%) or highest importance…

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Mobile technologies having little impact on Learning 2.0

I continue to be surprised by some of the data that's building around my research in to the effectiveness of Social Computing for Workplace Learning (a.k.a. Learning 2.0 in the Enterprise). The number of respondents to my questionnaire has now reached a level where it becomes difficult to argue with the wealth of facts that I'm seeing.One particular surprise is the extent to which mobile computing platforms are used for Learning 2.0 in the Enterprise. With all this talk on the web about 'Bring…

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Learning 2.0 in the Enterprise - 8% say "Come on in, the water's fine"

I'm conducting a research project in to the Effectiveness of Social Computing for Workplace Learning (a.k.a, Enterprise Learning 2.0). Here are a few early discoveries from the data gathering phase of my research:1) 80% of respondents work for organisations that provide access to corporate social computing for workplace learning to their employees through the Internet.2) 8% of those repondents claim that access to the corporate social computing environment is accessible without any form of…

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Overcoming the challenge of integrating SoMe in biz

How do we as learning professionals overcome the cultural barrier within business towards integrating social media platforms as learning enabler. The notion that social media is only for Gen X & Y is no longer valid as the use of the popular SoMe platforms transcends age range, industries and geography.It is acknowledged that there are a handful of tools available, all excellent discussion & collaboration platforms and the key to successful use in biz is having access to best…

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