For members of the British Armed forces, the Ministry of Defence and those in associated industries such as the defence industry.
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  • Hello Everyone,

    Some of you may know that I serve on the Education sub-committee for an international training, simulation and education conference which is held in Orlando in December of every year.

    The conference, I/ITSEC, is the largest of its kind and draws 15,000+ people from around the globe to see and learn about cutting-edge technologies and innovative ways to leverage existing technologies to more efficiently train employees. I/ITSEC is unlike other trade shows in that the focus is not just buying/selling, it’s really on communication and learning at the conference.

    While there is a trade show floor (yes, they have happy hour some days), we pride ourselves on offering a platform for some of the industry's brightest minds to share new ideas. If you're interested in presenting at I/ITSEC, please go to the following link to learn more


    Abstracts are being accepted through 27 February, so be quick! You can apply at

    While the conference has had a governmental and Department of Defense focus in the past, we're rewriting the rules and encouraging bright education, simulation and training professionals from across all industries to participate. Having personally worked training and education for both MOD and the private sector, I KNOW there are ideas from the private sector ripe for being shared with those training our soldiers, sailors, airmen and support personnel. If you're interested and want to know more before committing, private message me and we can chat on the phone.

    This is an exciting time in our industry and I would love to see you in Orlando in December!


  • New framework launching soon. Lots of good L&D stuff there.   Check out the blog on

  • Hi guys,
    It been a while since there was some activity in this group. Is it still active or has everyone flown the nest.

    Like Craig I am ex-army, and have spent the last 6 years working for PDM Training & Consultancy, primarily on the C Vehicle PFI with ALC Vehicles, designing and delivering the maintainer/operator training solution.

    More recently I have thrust myself into the world of learning technology, doing small projects, rapid authoring e-learning projects in articulate and captivate, and trying to master our Moodle LMS, all on a self-discovery/teach basis, it's a fascinating journey and I'm loving it, though its been a baptism of fire at times.

    I just hope I'm not talking to myself on here!
  • Hi Folks,


    I thought I'd become a member of this group for a couple of reasons

    1. I'm ex-Army so always keen to maintain an interest as to what's going on...
    2. I'm just about to start working for Epic as a Solutions Consultant with a keen focus on the Defence Sector so in the finest tradition I thought I'd start doing my recce's ;-)


    I've noticed that this Group hasn't received much interest recently and wondered what the reasons for that might be?


    Are the conversations still taking place, but elsewhere?


    If they are, then 'where' is elsewhere? 


    Can I get involved in the conversations? (please)?





  • I'd like to invite all members to our Blended Learning Day on 'Learning 2.0' on Wednesday 1st July. There will be an exhibition area with some of our e-learning suppliers and internal and external partners. We're having two main speakers; Donald Clark and Ellen Pruyne as well as three sets of breakout sessions:
    For further information and registration form, please visit:
  • Jim - could you send me your email address? Folks in the US (Office of Naval Research, US Joint Forces Command, etc) are interested in have a UK/UK e-Learning Workshop around the key areas identified in yesterday's MoD forum (e.g., Training for Development, Technology, Process Development, Infrastructure, Strategy & Requirements, and Collaboration/Communication) ?

    Regards, Jake
  • Paul - is it possible to get a softcopy of the assessment guide?
    Thanks in advance.
  • I work as a contractor to the defense agencies and support the development and funding of advanced distributed learning (ADL) science and technology (S&T) projects. In this vein, as a small UK company, I have developed an ADL S&T Roadmap of the research projects developed and future projects. I can be contacted at or
  • I suspect that nobody has been to the MOD workshop page on the forum so I'm repeating the cartoon here... (If you are down for the MOD workshop at next weeks gathering then feel free to go and have a look at the forum!).

  • e-Assessment in Practice, 11-12 November 2009, Shrivenham. The list of confirmed speakers are posted at
    Please alert me if you are aware of any exciting projects in the field of e-Assessment in the defence sector.
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Colour code standards for schematic diagrams

Hi Everyone. I was asked the other day, if there are any laid down standards when it comes to colouring in schematic or block diagrams that are used in training. I have never come across anything myself in either the military or civilian sector but I wondered if anyone else had? I normally use red, blue/black and green for electrical cables but have never really considered any others. If you have any useful info on this one then please post it here as I am sure it will be useful to…

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e-Assessment in Practice, 10-11 November 2010

First Call for PapersPlease consider actively participating in the conference either by presentinga paper, poster or demonstrating your recent research on e-Assessment. Pleasefeel free to circulate it among your colleagues as you see fit. Look forwardto meeting you in November. I am more than happy to contact any individuals ifyou want me to pursue them for a presentation.Please find further information at speakeres include ... Dr. Kerry…

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