Integrated Talent Management Model

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right group for this question, but I thought I would try it:

We are currently working on designing a graphic illustration of our new talent management approach. I am envisioning a picture that displays the key Talent Management elements and shows how they are connected to one another.

Does anyone of you have a visual display of their talent management strategy and would be happy to share it with me? I would be more than grateful for any inspirations!

If visuals are difficult to upload in the forum you can also send me an email to:

Many thanks for your help,

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  • Hi Sophia

    I referred to the Bersin Talent Management model in the white paper I developed for the LPI on "Performance through Learning.

    I've sent you a copy, and, if anyone else wants one do please let me know.

    Good luck with the program


    • Hi Alan,

      thanks a lot for the white paper. I just had a first quick look through it and, as well as containing the model of Josh Bersin, it looks very interesting - I look forward to reading it in further detail. 

      Have a good weekend,




    • Hi Alan, I too would be interested in seeing this paper as we are about to introduce talent & performance software into our company.


      Many thx, Mel

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