Does not matter what software you use, if you develop yourself I am sure you have tales to share...
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  • Hi, I have a (13 yr) background in mostly skills development training, and have recently taken a post with Bangor University where I'll be involved in creating (amongst other things) online skills tutorials/workshops. I've experience using Captivate & Panopto for instructional tutorials (Agresso) but I'm very much the novice when it comes to using this medium for skills training provision. Any help much apprciated, a bit of signposting/recommendations particularly so I can focus my efforts and avoid any pitfalls! Thanks.

  • Hi everyone,

    We created a learning platform regarding web development. We provide trainings for free, provide personal mentoring for the students, and help those people who cannot afford to go in school for some reason.

    We need help reaching out to students, recent graduates or other people who are interested in l
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  • I want to know which tools are used for content development in various organisations.  I am a elearning developer working on Elicitus authoring tool to publish my eLearning content.  Would be interested to know about the advantages/ disadvantages of LMS usage.
  • M-learning
    I would be very grateful if some one could point me any formal definitions of the term M-learning - particularly in contrast with distance learning and e-learning.
    Wednesday 10 November 2010
    0900 - 1000 Registration and Coffee
    1000 - 1005 Conference Administration
    Michael Hewetson, Director Symposia at Shrivenham, Cranfield University, DA-CMT
    1005 - 1015 Welcome and Introduction to the Defence Academy
    Brigadier Mark Lacey, Head of Technology Division, DA-CMT
    1015 - 1045 Beyond Technology: Developing Innovative Items
    Dr Kirk Becker, Pearson VUE
    1045 – 1115 Developments in Open Source e-Assessment to Support the Independent Learner
    Dr Phil Butcher, Open University
    1115 - 1145 Coffee
    1145 - 1215 e-Assessment and Functional Skills
    John Winkley, AlphaPlus Consultancy
    1215 - 1245 e-CAF: A System for Efficient Quality Electronic Coursework Assessment and Feedback
    Dr Shun Ha Sylvia Wong and Dr Tony Beaumont, Aston University
    1245 - 1315 Mobile Phones – Delivering Authentic Assessment
    Gavin Cooney, Learnosity and Patrick Craven, Cambridge Assessment
    1315 - 1415 Buffet Lunch
    1415 - 1445 Ensuring the Psychometric Quality of Questions and Assessments: Theory and Applications
    Greg Pope, QuestionMark
    1445 - 1515 Marking Complex Assignments Using Electronic Peer Assessment and an Automated Feedback
    Dr Trevor Barker, University of Hertfordshire
    1415 - 1545 What can e-Assessment do for Education?
    Prof Cliff Beevers (with John Anderson and Bill Foster), Herriot-Watt University
    1545 - 1615 Afternoon Tea
    1615 - 1730 Panel Discussion: e-Assessment is Doomed to Failure Unless……
    1730 - 1930 Delegates’ Reception and Supper
    1930 Delegates transported to Blunsdon House Hotel, Madison Hotel and Campanile Swindon
    Thursday 11 November 2010
    0830 - 0900 Morning Coffee
    0900 - 0930 You May Start Typing Now – e-Assessment of Essay Style Questions
    Dr Tom Mitchell, Intelligent Assessment
    0930 - 1000 eTests in a Programming Course – Student’s View Versus Teacher’s View
    Gerd Holweg, University of Applied Sciences Vienna
    1000 - 1030 Raising Standards: Mobile e-Assessment Delivery for the Financial Services Industry
    Denis Saunders, Calibrand and Joe Wilson SQA
    1030 - 1100 Coffee
    1100 - 1130 Secure Assessments – How to Protect the Integrity of Assessment Programmes
    Michael Kayser, Pearson VUE
    1130 - 1230 Piloting Video Podcasting Feedback with Overseas MBA students
    Nigel Jones, Panicos Georghiades and John Gunson, UWIC Cardiff School of Management
    1230 - 1300 Panel Discussion
    1300 - 1400 Buffet Lunch
    1400 - 1430 The Assessment/Testing Dialogue
    Piet Kommers, University of Twente
    1430 - 1500 e-Assessment Policy and Practice: Making the Connection
    Dr David Walker, University of Dundee
    1500 - 1530 E-assessment using Simulation and Synthetic Virtual Reality Environments
    Dr Majid Al-Kader, Skills2Learn Ltd and Nathan Baker, Holdfast Training
    1530 - 1600 Afternoon Tea
    1600 – 1630 Using Turnitin2 for e-Assessment
    Anne Flood, nLearning Ltd
    1630 – 1700 Proximal Solutions to Providing Student Feedback
    Dr John Seeley, London South Bank University
  • I am an e-learning consultant for Aviva Uk and have been in e-learning since 2006. Prior to this i was an L&D consultant for RAC for 5 years and am CIPD qualified. We are using tools such as Lectora and captivate. I'm currently leading on a project to pilot an on-line rapid authoring tool from a company called Mohive which utilises a simple template based system..
  • Dear all,
    I am an e-learning designer working for the University of Leeds and am quite fond of Articulate Studio 09 (I do stuff like this among other things). I'm organising the Second European Articulate Conference on the 17th of May in Leeds and thought some of you may want to check it out.
    We've got many very cool people contributing (see conference programme) and lots of useful and fun stuff to see and do.
    A few places are still available if you'd like to sign up (details in the programme above).
    Have fun and hope to meet some of you soon in Leeds,

    Dr. Dragos Ciobanu
    Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology
    Research Fellow
    Centre for Translation Studies
    Staff Development Officer
    Staff and Departmental Development Unit
    University of Leeds
  • Hi everyone,
    I am writing an article for, Austria's top quality newspaper, on state-of-the art web-based language learning systems. Readers are all types of organisations, HR, researchers but also learners who are interested in using these. Can anyone of you point me to state-of-the-art technology, great solutions, user-friendly solutions, solutions preferred by organisations where language learning plays a role? Also, what are key points that should be taken care of?
    Many thanks for your hints -- I would appreciate to get your thoughts or contact persons. I will be happy to quote you or your contacts. Here are references to my articles
    Christina (www.
  • e-Assessment in Practice, 10-11 November 2010.

    Members of the group might be interested in participating in the conference either by presenting a paper or poster or demonstrating your product.
  • I produce elearning using coursebuilder (Edvantage) at work and CourseLab by night (for charities and schools). I also build websites and customise moodle. I would be interested in sharing templates, SCOs, graphics, swf, flv or any other content. A few examples are at (portfolio)
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Rapid Development Tool for a Novice

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this group and to the corporate training world as a whole. I am looking for a good rapid development tool to get me started but am a bit lost with all of the different options available. I have considered Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, BrickLayer, iSpring, and Zenler but don't really know much about any of them. Does anyone have any recommendations?I am a training department of ONE, so I need something that is fast and easy since I will be creating all of the…

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Hot new tools for 2013

Hi there,Just wondering what everyone finds best & easiest to use for e-learning course development this year? Are there any new tools you find useful, particularly any good freeware you recently noticed? I'm starting new courses soon and wanted to check out the recent developments out, currently have captivate 6.thanks,Sinéad

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Software advice: Assertion - Reasoning questions

Hi,I will be shortly embarking on a project to move a large amount of our learning content from paper/e-paper, into e-learning materials to sit on an LMS system. A quantity of our material often asks for specific (to the individual) responses. We don't necessarily want to record this information but will need to gain a response which confirms the learners complete understanding.With this in mind I have been asked to look at software which incorporates assertion-reasoning and confirmation…

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