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  • Anyone got an L&D contact in Centrica?
  • I too thought the session on large private sector was good. I was a little surprised that it was such a small group, but I thought it was a lively, interesting and enjoyable discussion.
  •  A great session at the LSG Conference about large private sector
  • Coming the the LSG Conference on Tuesday? Work at a large private sector organization?
    Then please come along to the ‘large private sector org’ industry group SG3 at 15:20 in the sector group room, details of which you can find here:
    It will be a roundtable type session and a chance for you to share and discuss your objectives and challenges for the next year so we can surface common themes and potential solutions. And no powerpoint – that’s a promise.
    Don’t miss it.
  • I work as a contractor to the defense agencies and support the development and funding of advanced distributed learning (ADL) science and technology (S&T) projects. In this vein, as a small UK company, I have developed an ADL S&T Roadmap of the research projects developed and future projects. I can be contacted at or
  • Glad to be of assistance.
  • Dennis

    Many thanks for the POC, and your time.
    Best Regards
  • AC120_54a.pdf


    It has been a few years but can I suggest that you contact Paul Lorenz @ Focus Learning [] for the aforementioned case studies and white papers. 001 858 549 0982 Focus Learning Corp, 173 Cross St #200, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

    Paul should be able to share case studies from Boeing (a.k.a. Lan Chile), Federal Express, Disney, British Energy, etc.

    BTW - I have no affiliation with this organisation nor am I promoting this organisation over any other commercial organisation i.e. OutStart, Pathlore, Plateau, NetG, etc, etc.. Paul has been excellent to work with over the years and has shared some industry statistics in the past.

    Another model to review is the FAAs Advanced Qualification Programme (Advisory Circular 120-54A). Documentation attached for your review.
    LCMS integral part of organisation's MIS.

    Should you require any additional information, please drop me a line.


  • Dennis

    Many thanks for the below. I already have evaluation data from the training introduced by the various contractors that delivered some of the systems you mention below. What would be really useful is looking at systems introduced outside of the MoD. How that training was delivered by the contractor e.g. a modular blended approach of classroom training and CBT and whether any post training evaluation was performed by the customer e.g. Boeing, to highlight how effective the training programme for the new system was and any lessons learnt. In essence, helping us to make better informed decisions when down selecting the companies bidding for the contract. Do you have any reports or documents on this subject that i could view?

    Many thanks
  • Simon,

    To my knowledge the MoD has several platforms to record this type of information e.g. Defence Learning Portal, Defence Electronic Learning Centre., etc. The platforms are unfortunately supported by different Learning Management Systems (Docent & Pathlore) that do not communicate with each other. And I believe that the T45 programme utilising yet again a different LMS? It has also been mentioned that another body from within the MoD were looking at SABA. There appears to be multiple silos w/in the MoD archiving individual training records; making it extremely difficult and costly to support training under a Tri-Service Model.

    Large organisations i.e. Boeing would normally host a single enterprise solution. The LMS would be integrated with an Asset Based - Learning Content Management System that would 'Manage Information' i.e. Policy, Manuals, Dwgs, ECNs , etc. Boeing has been successful with this approach.


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Real or virtual events?

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I work for AXA UK as a Learning Solutions Partner and I'm interested in benchmarking a couple of areas with other companies to share experience and knowledge. The areas I'm particularly interested in benchmarking are:- Onboarding & Induction- Capability frameworks Please can you let me know if you are interested in benchmarking. Thank you. 

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