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Information Governance Toolkit

How is your organisation going to ensure that all staff carry out the mandatory IG Toolkit training? I do not know how we are going to get all staff to carry out the training via the web/toolkit. there are some staff who are unable to use or unwilling to use a computer/eLearning. http://www.igte-learning.connectingforhealth.nhs.uk/igte/index.cfm  We are starting off with the new induction of Junior Doctors and working from there. How is your organisation planning to roll it out? I look forward…

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Draft National eLearning Framework for England

Has everyone seen the attached Draft Framework? I am just ploughing through it but thought we should all see and comment where required. Comments have to be in by 28th May The DH would also like this document to be sent to IM&T Directors, so it would be helpful if you could forward it to the appropriate person in your organisation. National e-learning framework for England 3103.doc

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