Capturing CPD/CPE

Hi All


I think this forum is a mainly UK-based forum and not sure whether UK has similar issues but here goes....


In South Africa our staff whop are members of regulatory bodies often have to record and submit evidence of continuing professional development/education (CPD/E) on a regular basis.


Normally this is done with a huge amount of manual effort,paperwork/registers, time and cost - and with the risks of inaccuracy and incompleteness that this brings.


I heard a story recently of someone walking into a training session (not our organisation), swiped his/her membership card and this instantly recorded his CPD points for that session without any interbvention by him/her or any other admin staff in the organisation.


Does anyone have any best practice to share on this - available technologies, challenges, etc? 





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  • Hi Phil


    UK-based South African, here. In the UK, there is the same requirement in some professions. And, generally speaking, just about anything can apply. Reading a new white paper, a professional journal, mentoring a colleague, attending a workshop, you name it.


    There are some tools that can be used for this. SAP, for example, has the option for a 'my training' page. The individual can update it with anything they've attended/read/whatever, and both the individual and the line manager can add 'to do' recommendations.


    The down side of that sort of thing, though, is that it belongs to the employer organisation, not the individual. So what happens if s/he changes jobs mid-year? When half the mandatory CPD requirement was fulfilled at one organisation and the other at a different one, upon whom does the onus fall to demonstrate that it has been completed?


    As far as I'm concerned, if a professional body wants its members to tick boxes, they should make it as easy as possible for the members to do so. Perhaps there is a market opportunity in SA to develop/find a suitable tool and sell it to regulatory bodies, of hoe se ek nou?

    • Hi Karyn, just to confuse things I am a Brit living in SA!

      Thanks for your comments and I agree.

      I understand the local accounting body here, SAICA, apparently have a system that links the staff member's card as he/she enters the training room which automatically updates their CPD profile with SAICA. If that is correct, it is v innovative, though I assume just swiping the card at the beginning is no guarantee that they stayed for the whole session!!   

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