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Hi thereWe're about to embark on a functional restructure and a post that will be newly created will be that of an E-learning Manager! Does anyone have such a post in their organisation? If so, what are they responsible for? If not, why not? If anyone is willing to share the skeleton of such a post plus a functional org chart?) I'd be extremely interested in seeing how other organisations structure L&D.Thanks!Joanna

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  • Hi Joanna,

    Did you actually appoint someone then as E-learning Manager? How did the recruitment go? Are they now in role and what has this position given your organisation. Would be really interested in hearing how the process went and if you could share anything with the group.

    Many thanks
    • Hi Mike

      Sorry for the radio silence! I was on a career break August-Dec and the propsoed restructure has been delayed - we're hoping to formalise new roles soon. When I know more I'll certainly share our experiences with the group. If there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover let me know and I'll make sure I respond to those points.

      Many thanks
  • Hi Ruth,

    Kinaesthetic is applicable to the human senses i.e. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch, Balance and acceleration, Temperature, Kinesthetic sense and Pain. It is the foundation for learning and should not be discredited in the development of various programmes. Analogy: Flight Sim is an excellent eLearning application but lacks several key sensory elements of a real acft. Flight simulators have improved over the years in tng aircrew; incorporating ergonomics and Kinesthetic senses i.e. temperature, motion, visual, audio cursory, etc, etc

    What I have found over the years is that vast amounts of eLearning Managers are not cognisant to the aforementioned list and programmes significantly suffer. Therefore, I would strongly advocate sourcing a pedigree L&D Manager with the skill sets and competencies listed; ensuring the successful development and delivery of your eLearning programme.
  • Joanna - another thought - when looking at these responses, you need to be aware of the maturity of the organisation's experience with e-learning and how well it is established within their L&D portfolio. Some companies that have had an e-learning manager and team in the past, have an e-learning advisory role now but not a formal team.
  • Hi Dennis

    That's quite a list!!!! Can you tell me what Kinaethetic is? Would you say that anyone applying for an e-learning manager post would need to know all of the things on the list?
  • Hi Joanna,

    I am the e-learning manager in our organisation (providing finance training to finance and non-finance staff in the NHS).
    Very briefly my role involves:

    Promoting and demonstrating e-learning to different trusts within the NHS and at events etc...
    Working with the marketing team
    Helping users with technical issues, working with our technical providers to improve the user experience
    Producing reports, providing examples of best practice to existing clients
    Authoring new e-learning courses and ensuring regular updates are carried out. Working with SME's and content writers
    Managing the LMS and all resources
    Managing a small team (an administrator, an instructional designer + freelancers)
    Designing and launching the next level of e-learning courses
    Keeping up with and embracing future developments/ technologies

    I work directly under the training and development director.
    Hope that this helps, let me know if you want more detail...
  • Hi Joanna

    We have a Learning Technologies Manager who co-ordinates, appraises and purchases the technologies and resources we use in collaboration with L&D colleagues. Purpose of the role: To enable the development of our people by the management, maintenance and development of learning technologies.

    • Hi Simon

      Thanks for your reply, would you be willing to share a jd with the forum? Or perhaps flesh out the responsibilities a bit or confirm whether it's along similar lines to below, posted by Guy?

      Best wishes
    • Hi Joanna,

      We currently have this role in my organisation. We have an in-house development team.

      If you would like an example of the role profile please email me (tracy.whiting@axa-sunlife.co.uk)

  • Hi Joanna,

    We don't have an E-Learning manager as such but from the description below it sounds like it is about driving and adopting new technologies ( wiki's, e-learning, rapid authoring, networks, virtual classrooms etc) within your organisation. If your starting from scratch then I think having a dedicated role for this is needed to begin with as it can take so long to adopt these media / tools depending on what sort of platforms you have, security, budget and attitude from your learners.

    I agree with Karyn that this should in the long term be the charge of middle management and the whole of your L&D to broaden the scope of learning that is delivered and link to the the vision etc. However if it is left initially to the same people who don't have a) the appetite b) the passion or expertise or c) the time, it will never get off the ground and you will always do what you'll always done.

    Having this person to drive this forward will allow the time to change the mindset and up-skill other members of your team to get the best out of a long-term e-learning programme that really adds value to your learners and isn't something that 'is a nice to have'. Once this is in place you can include more e-learning and such in the wider teams objectives etc

    I've started another discussion around structures and models as I think its a good idea to see if anyone does have a structure with this sort of role in it or just to share what other org's have in place.

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