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Hi thereWe're about to embark on a functional restructure and a post that will be newly created will be that of an E-learning Manager! Does anyone have such a post in their organisation? If so, what are they responsible for? If not, why not? If anyone is willing to share the skeleton of such a post plus a functional org chart?) I'd be extremely interested in seeing how other organisations structure L&D.Thanks!Joanna

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    • Thanks Mike, really helpful comments, I'll keep an eye on the other discussion too.

  • Joanna

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment of Karyn's response, the reality is that most L&D managers do not have the interest or skillset/experience to effectively manage e-learning without specialist support. Therefore most corporates with a significant e-learning pedigree will still have a dedicated e-learning manager or advisory role, although the size of their team (and central budget) may be significantly smaller than it was 5+ years ago.

    The right answer for you will be depend on your context - i.e. structure of your L&D function, experience of e-learning to date, and aspiration/needs going forward.

    We have some job specs etc from our research with corporates. Will dig something out and post back here in due course. Or happy to discuss offline if you want to email me (davidw@elearnity.com).

    Regards, DAVID
    • Thanks David, I completely agree with your sentiment that L&D managers will need support to effectively manage the transition to a blended approach. We're launching e-learning in the summer as well as restructuring the function by the end of the year so our needs will change dramatically over the next few months (hence the exploration now!) If you find the time to post up any job specs that would be great, happy to discuss offline also but I think others would benefit from your sharing this research too.
      Best wishes
  • HI Joanna

    Many organisations have elearning managers. I'm not sure that it's good route to go down, because it gives the sense that elearning is something 'other' that needs a separate manager. This is the mindset that so many of us are trying to move beyond in this space. I would rather see the middle management roles within L&D being broadened to include elearning (and a range of other things) and the incumbents being up-skilled to take on that broader scope. If specialist roles are to exist within the team (and this may well be necessary - especially at first), that's fine, but they should all be on the same team, working towards shared goals which line up with the org's vision statement, goals and objectives.
    • Thanks Karyn, they are helpful comments. What we envisage is, as you say, e-learning becoming part of our trainers' toolset, rather than a separate entity. However, we are considering an E-learning Manager post (within that same team) to oversee and maximise the use of the portal, work with the trainers to develop appropriate e-learning content, facilitate webinar sessions, monitor L&D wikis, blogs and forums, produce management information, be involved with the inital designing and building of the portal and constant development thereafter, populate/update/manage all virtual resources uploaded, co-ordinate content development projects with other non-l&d specialist departments internally who want to make use of this way of learning for their given area etc. Oh dear, I might have I just written the jd I've asked for! I'm certain there are other ways of looking at this though so all additional comments welcome. In fact, your comments have made me note to myself that we should explore the option of it being a fixed-term contract at least.
    • Hi Joanna,

      I strongly advocate your position for an e-Learning Manager as it truly is a specialised role that has emerged over the years through the advancement of technology i.e. virtual learning classrooms, mobile devices (PDA/Smart phones/IPods) Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management Systems, Course Management Systems, Live Meetings, Webinar’s etc, etc. The market is flooded with a plethora of solutions …just waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to fall prey.

      Are you willing to fall prey to the unknown and have your job jeopardised because of the wrong solution? I think not and therefore, I would look for an eLearning Manager that has come up through the ranks and is fully versed in:
      • Classroom training
      o Hands-on experience behind the podium
      o Hands-on experience with emulation and simulation; mock-ups, stand alone training devices
      o Understands the importance of Kinaesthetic
      o Understands the importance of keeping the audience engaged with the curricula (didactic & not page turning lecture)
      • Empathetic towards demographics and gender with new technologies
      o Remembers video programming syndrome
      • Technically astute (electrical/mechanical/Information Technology)
      • Commercially astute and knowledgeable of technology within the industry
      oRapid Development Tool
      oContent Capture Tools
      oSoftware Applications
      oIntegration of software applications
      Version releases
      oUpdates to program
      Can updates be internally performed
      Are specialised skills and competencies required
      Proprietary - no updates are permitted by organisation
      •Commercially aware of Design/Develop costs
      oBasic – Highly Interactive
      3 D Models
      •Commercially aware of solutions being offered in the market i.e.
      oLearning Management System
      SCORM Wrapper
      Manifest files
      Book Marking Capability
      oLearning Content Management System
      Asset Based
      Page Based
      Single Sourced
      •Coherent and fully knowledgeable of industry standards
      oAdvanced Distributed Learning (ADL)
      SCORM 1.2
      oDDA Accessibility
      oLearning Education Training Systems Interoperability
      oWorld Wide Web Consortium
      •Knowledgeable of copy right laws, intellectual proprietary rights, and usages within a commercial product
      •Effectively transitions classroom training principles to quality eLearning curricula
      •Extensively versed in design/development methodologies
      o29 ISD Methodologies

      I have seen several projects go array over the years and cost organisations millions to rectify. Therefore, having an eLearning Manager on staff with the aforementioned competencies will ensure palatable and successful results. Mentoring of L&D staff with new technologies and methodologies will be eventually bridged.
    • Sounds like a nice job... where is it based? I might just apply myself, if it's a fixed term thing! ;o)
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