Considering the fact that the Gen Y will have overskills (conceptual mind, ...)... Howcould we adapt the training to their potential ?
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A kind of starter ...

Before the learning in the workplace, we have the learning in school.
Just as a starter to launch the exchanges regarding "What could be the second generation of Learning Industry or Learning 2.0 ?" I invite you to take a look into this video :
The middle is very inspiring ...

As far as I touch the Generation Y & X concepts, I could understand that we -learning members- are in a turning point regarding the way of providing learning solutions in the workplace.
This is strongly link to the "collaborative and social learning", but not only...

In the latest review of eLearning age, Clive Sheperd made a good sketch of the Next Generation Learning @ Work will look like :

- Increased opportunities for self-paced learning, which learners can undertake in manageable chunks and at a time and place that suits them
- Using games, simulations and scenarios to engage, immerse and challenge both individual learners and groups
- Using collaborative tols such as forums, social networks, blogs & wikis to allow employees to work with each other to solve problems on the job
- Using e-assessments to provide proof of learning when needed without the administrative burden
- Using web conferencing to allow live group events to take place at the desktop or while the employee is on the move
- Using online materials, whether textual, graphical, audio or video, to provide performance support to learners on the job
- Combining all these elements with traditional methods and media to provide blended solutions that maximise effectiveness and efficiency

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  • Kirsty, how about displaying a picture of yourself - so we know what you look like!
  • For sure,
    I hope we will have opportunities to discuss about that topic and others during the dedicated "networking" timeslots !
    I would be pleased to start IRL discussion, then don't hesitate to talk to me!!
    Even if, I will wearing a grey suit ;-)

    See you tomorrow @ LT2009
  • I would love to have a discussion at the conference on these issues.
    Here are some things I have written on the subject:
    A conference paper
    A FP7 bid
    Feedback gladly accepted.
    Cheers - Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel
  • Oh great, I will take a look into it during my flight to London !
  • You might be interested in an article I wrote for the eLearning Guild on this subject, called Understanding Today's Learner (as part of the E-Learning 2.0 report I was involved in)
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Learning 2.0 - Video from my LT session

Already in the forum - Would have posted here first but needed to be added to the group first.Following a stream of requests - here is an online version of the learning 2.0 video I showed at the Learning Technologies conference at the end of January. Its originally based on the slides created by Daniel Siddle content but with some additions and then rendered via Animoto. I showed the better quality MPEG4 version at the conference - email me if you want a link to it.DAVID

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