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MOODLE using Citrix

Hi all,


We are just starting to use MOODLE to make course resources accessible to learners before/after a class.


I have asked our IT department to make it accessible via the internet (so that learners can access from home) and they have suggested we

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Moodle HTTPS login

Hi All

Has anybody implemented https on login page of moodle? Does it have some advantages? As I saw many universities are using SSL on login page but do not know why is it important to have https only on login page? Could anybody please put light on

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Learning Object Repository

Hi All,


I need some advice and I am hoping the group can help.


I am in the process of 'rolling out Moodle' across China, UK, Spain, South and East Africa.  The architecture is to have 5 x separate but linked moodle sites.  Underpinning this I have th

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Topic Layouts

Hi  All


Can anyone tell me how to change the Format setting from Scorm to Topic.  I switched mine from Topic to Scorm and now I can't change it back.  Everytime I open the site it trys to create a scorm activity but I can't see the admin block to cha

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